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Recent ATI Enhancements
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Just minor stuff...
Submitted By admin on 09/01/10
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Here's a summary of some of the enhancements I have implemented over the last couple days:

ATIServer Wide:
  • Automatic "buffer" preservation when users log into and create accounts - allowing ATIServer to always remember where users should be redirected to once they are logged in
  • Cleaner AutoForward emails - now including the username that they are from, a "view all messages link", and slightly enhanced formatting
  • Select element dropdowns should now always be positioned correctly
  • TinyMCE editor Media plugin has been disabled to allow for custom object embeds - which allows you to embed any kind of object, but also eliminates the handy object preview that the textarea formerly used to indicate where objects were embedded. Tradeoffs...
  • New "Alignment" styles added to the TinyMCE editor font style dropdown for more text formatting control.
  • User registration now makes sure that usernames don't have strange chars in them - and all known areas in which usernames with strange chars could cause problems have been fixed. If you have been having problems messaging, updating your profile, etc, please let me know if the errors still persist.
  • Better looking "update profile" user page
  • ATIServer's "vibrant" skin has a minor fix that should keep submenus from occasionally choking when there were just enough menu items in the main level nav menu to trigger dropping the search field to the sub menu


  • Automatic duplicate comment detection and correction!
  • Home page has been updated with a link to a new article on "PlexPedia's Vision"


  • Earth page cleaned up a bit, Earth category selector is no longer a super fancy modal based tree (that didn't work half the time), but now just a basic select list that always works
  • Craigslist HTML generator (on the Local page) now includes the item's location
  • Home page has been updated with a link to a new article on "Safarri's Vision"

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